“Yane Calovski: Truth and Content”, essay by Anders Kreuger

Full essay here Yane Calovski: Truth and Content by Anders Kreuger (excerpt)   I’m not drawn to grand narratives. I’m more interested in accuracy of presentation and elasticity of form. – Yane Calovski interviewed by Başak Şenova, 20121 This essay inaugurates Kohta’s new series ‘Appraisals’, dedicated to artists in our

“Personal Object” as part of “Little did they know”, the 39th EVA International, curated by Merve Elveren. 

The installation Personal Object assembles Calovski’s recent and earlier works alongside objects from his archive. The work is reconfigured for its presentation at the historic East Gallery of the Limerick City Gallery of Art and as a space for connecting individual histories and collective experiences, both past, and present. Rather than transforming

“Undisciplined: A Construction of an Archive”, text by Yane Calovski

Every time we experience the loss of something associated with our collective history, be it a document, a building, or a person, we feel that we lose our footing in both the present and the future. A disconcerting, disorienting, and ultimately debilitating sensation. Moreover, the ideology of remembering and archiving

Yane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska’s “Epilogue (A Form of an Argument)”, review by Anders Kreuger

ART AGENDA REVIEW, by Anders Kreuger November 11, 2018–March 15, 2019 Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje, Skopje In the age of belated terrestrial awareness and multiple other opportunities and threats foisting themselves upon us daily, the joint solo exhibition by Yane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska at the Museum of Contemporary Art