IASPIS Artist in Residence 2018: Yane Calovski

Interview by Annika Enqvist, Photography and editing by Alvaro Campo, Produced by Iaspis, Stockholm. Yane Calovski (MKD) is an artist, researcher, publisher and a cultural activist. By converging notions of archiving while augmenting a method similar to the immediacy of drawing, his research is focused on designing discursive frameworks for

Yane Calovski in CrossSections, curated by Basak Senova

ARTISTIC RESEARCH & PROCESS   CrossSections is aimed at supporting the artists’ work and their production processes, without imposing an existing pre-defined theme. By placing the artistic production at the centre of its research and plot, CrossSections is shaped by the cumulative interdisciplinary input and data through meetings, residencies, performative

“Obsessions, Things and Narratives”, by Astrid Wege, in “Yane Calovski: Obje’ct”, Zorlu, Istanbul, 2011.

AWege from Object_YaneCalovski

“On Missing Links and Objects” by Basak Senova, “Yane Calovski: Obje’ct”, Zorlu, Istanbul, 2011.

BSenova from Object_YaneCalovski