To Fold Within As To Hide (2015)

Yane Calovski
To Fold Within As To Hide (2015)

Transdisciplinary project
Courtesy the artist and Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau

Installation Venue: Oskar Schlemmer Masterhouse, Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau Commissioned for the exhibition ‘Haushalts Messe 2015’
Curated by Elke Krasny and Regina Bittner.

Floor and object coverings are made in synthetic rubber, fabricated at Hrisal in Skopje (this material is first used in the work Erasure Bed, 2014) in conversation with defaulted objects form the Bauhaus Archive. The work responds to the control and preservation strategies applied in context to historical and canonical narratives.

Material: Synthetic rubber (polymer/artificial elastomer), zinc oxide, chalk, silicon, titan dioxide, polyethylene glycol (PEG), stearin, silicone compound, organic pigment

The three groups of drawings refer to three separate activities:
accounting - made on 70 gm Graph paper c. 1950
wasting - made on 100 gm Archive paper c. 1960
absorbing - made on 90 gm Muslkin paper c. 2015 (official paper at Bauhaus used for contracts)

Objects from Bauarchiv include:

Title: Still pipe chair
Material: Still pipes with nickel surface and leatherette upholstery
Size: 245 x 31 (43,5) x 5 (36) cm
Original location: Kinderheim Aula, Oranienbaum (Children home)
Comment: Designed by Marcel Breuer
Built: c.1930.
Current location: Bauarchiv

Title: Fire escape ladder
Material: Metal
Size: 245 x 31 (43,5) x 5 (36) cm
Original location: Laubenganghäuser, Mittelbreite 14, Dessau
Comment: Fire escape ladder with corroded surface; possibly shorten from its original size; 2 of the 4 extensions for attaching the ladder to the (build) structure still in original length, other 2 were detached; probably historical form the building period. Metallic connections are welded; used to be a roof ladder in the Laubenganghäuser to go from the last balcony to the rooftop.
Built: c. 1920s
Current location: Bauarchiv, Feld 4

Title: Floor
Material: Triolin Bodenbelag
Size: large roll
Comment: Found in Post-office in Hessen, 2 small and 2 big rolls.
Built: c. 1925.
Current location: Bauarchiv

Title: Glass ceiling
Size: 7 fragments 41 x 42 cm;
Original location: Masterhouse Kandinsky/Klee, Dessau
Comment: 7 Fragments of a glass pane ceiling, built out of 2 glued wooden fillets and seven glass panes.
Built: c. 1930. maybe reconstructed in 1980s
Current location: Bauarchiv, Regal 19, Fach 2

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