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Yane Calovski studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, (1992-1996) and Bennington College (1997), and has participated in the post-graduate studio programs at both the CCA Kitakyushu (1999-2000), and the Jan van Eyck Academy (2002-2004). He holds a masters degree from Linkoping University in Sweden (2011). For his practice, he has been awarded a Pew Fellowship in the Arts (2001) among other grants and residences.

In 2004, he co-founded the art and curatorial research platform “press to exit project space” in Skopje with artist Hristina Ivanoska with whom he often collaborates on projects such as Oskar Hansen’s Museum of Contemporary Art (2007).

The art practice of Yane Calovski is concerned with experiential ideas often situated in the sitespecificity of a new cultural and political geography, often addressing the incompleteness and lapsing of narratives and history. His objects, drawings, videos and installations often emerge from his evolving experience within disparate international contexts, and have been shown internationally in individual and group exhibitions at venues such as Tate Britain (London), Museum of Contemporary Art (Skopje), The European Kunsthalle (Cologne), Contemporary Art Center (Vilnius), Konshallen Brandts (Odense), Kronika (Bytom), Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Drawing Center (New York), and others. He has also exhibited at Manifesta 3 (Ljubljana, 2000) and Manifesta 7 (Bolzano, 2008).

Yane Calovski lives and works in Skopje. The artist is represented by Żak | Branicka in Berlin.

Solo exhibitions and collaborations

2011 Interlocutor, Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje (cat)

2010 Obsessive Setting, Żak | Branicka, Berlin (cat)

          Ponder Pause Process (a Situation), Tate Britain, London

2009 Yane Calovski: Hollow Land and Master Plan, “Appearances” series,
          European Kunshalle, Cologne

2009 Yane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska: Interplay - Oskar Hansen’s Museum of    
          Modern Art, Expended Media Gallery, HDLU - Croatian Association of Artists, Zagreb (cat)

2008 Yane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska: Oskar Hansen’s Museum of Modern Art, Żak  
          | Branicka, Berlin

2007 Yane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska: Orphans of Culture, Legends and
          Heroes, Kronika, Bytom (cat)

2004 Everything is after something, BAC - Baltic Art Center, Visby

2003 Never mind the View, site-specific installation, Quatro Ventti Festival, Manciano

2003 Yane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska: Nature and Social Studies: Spiral Trip,
           Contemporary Art Center, Skopje (cat)

2002 Tommy Rot (The Sublime Violence of Truth), ARGE Kunst, Bozlano

2001 So-Low, Everything Matters, Nova Galeria, Zagreb

Group Exhibitions

2012 Aftermath, Akbank Art Center, Istanbul (cat)

          White, CDA Projects, Istanbul (cat)

          It’s in the ‘Can’, Open Systems - Zentrum für Kunstprojekte, Vienna

2011 Pass the Concept: Yane Calovski, Roman Ondak and Nedko Solakov, Deutsche            
          Bank Collection, FRIEZE Art Fair, London

          Art works –art in the Deutsche Bank Collection, The DB Towers, Frankfurt (cat)

2010 This Is Where Nowhereness Is, (Have a Look! Have a Look!), FormContent,    

2009 Where Everything Is Yet to Happen (2nd chapter), SpaPort – International
          Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art, PROTOK, Banja Luka (cat)

2008 Manifesta 7: The Rest of Now, Bozano (cat)

          Seasonal Cuts, Academie Lebanese des Beaux Arts (ALBA), Sin el Fil, Lebanon
          Perfect Present Continuous, The Nederland Media Art Institute, Amsterdam;  
          traveled to Townhouse Gallery, Cairo

2007 Lost Highway Exhibition, SKUC Gallery, Ljubljana
         Inquiry into Reality: The Disappearance of Public Space, Museum of Contemporary
         Art, Belgrade, traveled to Center for Contemporary Art Sarajevo (cat)

2006 Reality. Odense 10’50”, Kunsthallen Brands, Odense (cat)

          The Spiral House, Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm (cat)

          Under. Ctrl., Forum Stad Park, Graz

2005 Dissent: Political Voices, SPACES Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio

2004 The Violence of Tone, W139 at PARK, Amsterdam

          PR 04. Tribute to the Messenger // 2004 Olympics, San Juan/Rincon, Puerto Rico (cat)

2003 24/7: Wilno - Nueva York (visa para), CAC, Vilnius

2002 To Actuality, ARGE Kunst Galeria Museo, Bolzano (cat)

2001 Perfect Match (International Project for Art and Theory), Museum of the
          City of Skopje (cat)

2000 Manifesta 3: The Borderline Syndrome, Energies of Defense, Ljubljana (cat)

1999 Prints and drawings from the 60’s to the present, Philadelphia Museum of Art

1998 Selections fall 1998, The Drawing Center, New York


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Public collections

The Van Abbemuseum, Rotterdam

Deutsche Bank Collection, Frankfurt

Zorlu Center Art Collection, Istanbul

Art Collection Telekom - Berlin

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Macedonian National Gallery

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