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fruehsorge contemporary drawings, BERLIN

The installation consists of drawings and collages on notebook paper.

This is one of many works that reference Paul Thek, an artist that has influenced Calovski over the years. The installation is made of torn pages containing fractured features of biographical and historical narratives on Paul Thek’s life and work explored in loose details, including selected writings by the artist (his notebooks and his extensive correspondence). In this work, Calovski analyses how we imagine relating personal memories to other people’s lives. Until Thek’s death in 1988, he continued producing work that was at once intimate, innocent and poetic, striving to reveal that wonderful world that almost was. He has stated: “I want to present an atmosphere –an ambiance- which is so peaceful and so beautiful that you’re shattered when you leave. My feeling is that the only way you can make things better is by showing how good things can be.”