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Manifesta 7, Bolzano 2008 / Lapses Volume 3, Pavilion of Turkey, 53rd International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, 2009 / European Kunsthalle, Köln, 2009

An installation of a series of 66 works on paper, an artifact and an artist book Collection of Deutsche Bank Frankfurt

As a “new” city of the mid-sixties, Skopje was a rare case of intended brilliance and unfocused deliberation. The capitalists envisioned it, the socialists articulated it and the communists built it. Today the city has moved into a very different realm of political and urban discourse, committed not so much to progressive ideals of urban living as to emblematic “prize architecture.” Master Plan is an installation of drawings and a video that incorporates the recently unearthed, winning proposal by Kenzo Tange Associates for the reconstruction of the city of Skopje following the earthquake of July 1963. The video and the series of drawings present further ideas found in traces of information and the residue of research. Master Plan gives a sense of how the rational space of diagrams comes to overlap with the mystical space of illusions.