(a Situation)

Tate Britain, London 2010

An installation with selected works from Tate’s collection, incorporating also a
new edition of U LAY (2001), a multiple cardboard mat in edition of 100

Calovski treated the Contemporary Art Society’s invitation to work with and from Tate’s Collection and Archive as an opportunity to start a period of research that has led him, perhaps inevitably, to question a range of preconceptions and assumptions that relate to the collection and conservation of art. One of the selected works is Liam Gillick’s, Big Conference Platform Platform (1998), a work that more than any other attempts to create a space as an open frame for free thought and the unscripted ‘scenario’. Other works included are those by Francis Alys, Vito Acconci, Joseph Beuys, Emma Kay, Christopher Wool, Henri Matisse, Jeff Wall, and an unpublished manuscript by Sven Berlin. By adding the sound work A Flock of Rotation by French artist Samon Takahashi and Calovski’s own multiple U LAY, as well as the participation of members of the itinerant research group OuUmPo for the opening, the installation becomes more than its individual parts – in fact, a meditation on the flexibility of ideas, and fluidity of curatorial and artistic processes.

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