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co-authored with Hristina Ivanoska

PR 04, Tribute to the messenger, M&M projectos, Puerto Rico, 2004

A marine installation constructed from rope, recycled plastic bottles and cement, in Rincon, Purto Rico, June 2004.

Spiral Swim Line derives from two referential sources: the monumentality of Smithson’s Spiral Jetty (1970) built in Utah’s Salt Lake, and Calovski and Ivanoska’s previous collaboration Nature and Social Studies: Spiral Trip, performed and constructed in Macedonia between 2000 and 2003. The construction of this large relational structure is done with the consideration and implications of the local site, its social, cultural and political context, attempting to provide a public discourse to monumentality achieved through personal reading and engagement. In the case of Spiral Swim Line, its monumentality depends as much on the use of the condensed time of fourteen days of production and human resources obtained from the local community, as it does on the formal aspect of the work. The imperative in Spiral Swim Line is to stay true to the form and dimensions of the Spiral Jetty using material that originates from the public context of Rincon, Puerto Rico. The work offers an unprecedented experience, engaging the participant with its 1450 foot long structure while understanding the monumentality of Smithson’s work and one’s personal relationship to the environment.