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A public work for ‘Quattro Venti’, an exhibition project in Manciano, (Province of Grosseto, Tuscany), Italy

The work addresses the mutual dependence of sight and memory, and the social participation of the audience. It consists of two multiple camera obscura projections with recorded sound of the view, and an installation with drawings and smaller photographic works that speak about actions that have happened inside Stanze. The projections are illusions and paradoxically only occur when the exhibition space is entirely dark. There is something disquieting about the projections as they both orient and disorient the viewer. The history of Stanze –the public space that not only used to be a social club for railway workers, but also a Nazi party headquarters –is complex and has not been addressed publicly. By “negotiating” a relationship with the larger social, as well as natural, landscape, the work addresses the unspoken and the monumental in the everyday practice of inhabiting/entering of spaces and histories.