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Production-in-Residency, Baltic Art Center, Visby, Sweden, 2004

An installation consisting of an 8mm film, transferred to video, 4:3 format;
4 drawings; a Xerox-book; a modular platform and a live performance

The work is an experimental archive examining the socio-cultural void of a small island of Ai off the cost of the large island of Gotland. Ai is a disassociate territory that once belonged to the Swedish Army but was disowned following the fall of the Berlin Wall. The fact that large international socio-political movements can affect a small island far away offered the opportunity to examine how we may imagine and perform a version of an identity. The work takes a very personal turn when the role of the artist becomes interwoven through the process of drawing, filming, composing, and translating concepts from one art historical context into another. The performance includes singing of an anthem song that borrows the lyrics from a conceptual text work Art Work (1970) by Robert Barry. Furthermore, the series of drawings cultivate a language of free associations, –a new set of meanings constructed from art history and daily media.