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Akbank, Istanbul, 2012 / CAC Vilnius, 2004 / AR/GE Kunst, Bolzano 2002

The installation consists of a 17 minute video documenting 6 public performances, an audio interview, press texts, and a series of photographs.

Tommy Rot (The Sublime Violence of Truth) was a loosely orchestrated set of performative actions that conflated the immediate reality of public scenes, a scripted film narrative, media coverage and socio-politics of the city of Bolzano/Bozen in South Tyrol Bozen on the semi-fictional local character of Tommy Roth. By elevating a peripheral historical character (the stewardess Valeria Cassel) as the main focus, the story about local nationalist movement becomes the core of the narrative. The work plays with the public perception and reception of the actions. The story unfolds in real time, but can be read, seen, or heard only through the media collaborations of RAI Uno (radio and TV) and FF Magazine.