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co-authored with FOS

Kunsthallen Brands, Odense, 2006 / Forum Stad Park, Vienna 2007 / Spa Port, Banja Luka, 2010;

An installation consists of an 11:30 min. video, poster, test-photographs, and an architectural installation

Calovski and FOS touch on the questions of the formal, procedural, European-politically-correct requirements for forgiveness and public media negotiation. They also question the crisis in European nations and seek for an order in which the “multi-ethnic” and the “multi-cultural” will not be just abstract concepts that appear at random, but will face the community as a whole with the challenge of a real and lived mutual understanding. But that means something different for each side. In the “apology” of the Danish Prime Minister to the Islamic world, the argument, is of course, the freedom of speech and the viewpoint that speaking is not doing. In this very sore point of different interpretations of the relations of speech and action, the two cultures should find a place for tolerance and negotiation. Calovski and FOS developed the video An Early Lost Play through eight episodes.