An installation consists of fresh flowers, fruits and eggs, dead insects and fish, a drawing; (destroyed)

This environment, which functioned only for a day –was especially created for the Open Studios event at the CCA Kitakyusu in 2000. The work is inspired by the transient state of being, cross-cultural references, and ephemeral and socially ambiguous iconography. The work is at once intimate, freely available, and poetic. It also features a reference to Paul Thek in the form of a portrait drawing that is hidden in the room.


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Yane Calovski studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, (1992-1996) and Bennington College (1997), and has participated in the post-graduate studio programs at both the CCA Kitakyushu (1999-2000), and the Jan van Eyck Academy (2002-2004)...Read more

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