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“You walk for days among trees and among stones. Rarely does the eye
light on a thing, and then only when it has
recognized that thing as the sign
of another thing: a print
in the sand indicates the tiger’s passage; a marsh
announces a vein of water; the hibiscus flower, the end of winter. All the rest
 is silent and interchangeable; trees and
stones are only what they are.”

Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities

  is the first book in the Zorlu Center Art Collection, Book for Artists Series. Concurrently, it is the first comprehensive publication focusing on the work of artist Yane Calovski, who produced an object for this collection in 2011. Calovski’s conceptual work renders the incompleteness and lapsing of narratives and history. Therefore, in the same manner of an archaeologist, he is obsessed with researching and processing archives. His work is nurtured by the findings and missing links in an archive of any kind; sometimes the work is embodied in personal archives and narratives, and sometimes the work is set up in the public realm.

Archives reveal and conceal personal and collective processes. Calovski’s research resonates between these acts of concealing and revealing; thus, his work enchants with the alchemy of turning lapses of memory and missing links into ephemeral sequences of events, situations, feelings, and objects.

Research is the key process for Calovski’s working methodology. His artistic practice covers diverse works that range from drawings, objects, photographs, video, site-specific installations to performance. Accordingly, his work contextualizes and addresses the function of ideas in various forms of presentation, production, research, and analysis.

Obje’ct presents Yane Calovski in conversation with the editor, accompanied by an extended critical article on Calovski’s work by Astrid Wege and a fictional scenario by Sebastian Cichocki that aims to emphasize the unrecorded aspects of documenting art. The book introduces Calovki’s selected multilayered works since 1998 that have been exhibited at Tate Britain, Manifesta 7, European Kunsthalle, Kunshallen Brands, Baltic Art Center, Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje, and AR/GE Kunst Galleria Museo.

Obje’ct, as the first book in the Book for Artists Series, is also a humble attempt to address the specific characteristics, unfolding issues, and the line of the Zorlu Center Art Collection through Calovski’s line of thinking and working.

Editor: Basak Senova
Zorlu Center Art Collection, Book for Artists Series #1


    9  Foreword
  19  On Missing Links and Object Yane Calovski in conversation with Basak Senova
  33  Obsession, Things, and Narratives Astrid Wege
  53  The Museum of Peripheries and Other Lost Documents (A set of possible scenarios for Y.) Sebastian Cichocki
  65  Works
  66  Very Beautiful Name Piece (2011)
  74  Interlocutor (2011)
  90  Ponder Pause Process (a Situation)
  98  Obsessive Setting (2010)
106  Master Plan (20 08)
112  Oskar Hansen’s Museum of Modern Art (2 007)
120  An early lost play (2 006)
126  Everything is after something (200 4)
138  Nature and Social Studies: Spiral Swim Line (2004)
144  Nevermind the View (200 4)
154  Tommy Rot (The Sublime Violence of Truth) (20 01/2003)
160  Nature and Social Studies: Spiral Trip (2001 /2003)
164  Dump (Sunrise to Sunset) (20 01)
168  The Wonderful World That Almost Was (20 07)
190  Yane Calovski
192  Solo exhibitions and collaborations
193  Group Exhibitions (selected)
195  Bibliography (selection)
197  Public collections (selection)
198  Photocredits
201  Contributors

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